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We believe Excellence is No Accident.



In the early 2000s two men took a risk to go into business for themselves. Having extensive experience in the construction and energy sectors, it made sense to start with metal buildings for industrial and oil and gas companies. The name G-Force is rooted in this history because buildings are meant to permanently defy gravity. G-Force, gravitational force, is a constant in our world. The name G-Force was chosen because of those very reasons. First, like gravity, G-Force intends to be in business for its client partners for a very long time. Second, G-Force believes in its company capacity to build buildings, compressor stations, meter stations, plants, pipelines, vessels, structural steel and many other items, which regularly stand up to the strongest forces in nature and stand the test of time. Welcome to the Force.

G-Force has since grown into a company with many divisions and a large client base. While a large portion of clients fall within the oil & gas industry, G-Force prides itself on our ability to support a large range of industries including general commercial, industrial, and refinery & chemical plants.

At the core of our business beliefs is that our employees and customers are a part of the G-Force family and you still experience these business ethics and culture today. Even after expanding nationally with projects spanning the United States, G-Force remains committed to maintaining the excellence in quality and personal service our employees, customers and communities have come to know and expect.


At G-Force, our vision is to be the premier partner in the most challenging projects.


Our core values are BE SAFE. BE POSITIVE. DO IT RIGHT. OWN IT! This is the foundation G-Force was built on and it continues to guide the way we operate our business and serve our clients.


We will perform all operations with the highest regard for the safety of all on site personnel, assets and environment.


Our job is simple, we solve tough problems for our clients. In order to do this successfully, we have to remain positive. We train our employees to turn the energy from frustration into positive problem solving for our clients.


We will act with the highest level of ethics, integrity and trust in all we do and be a reliable and trusted employer, partner and member of the communities in which we operate.


We will take complete ownership in all aspects of our work so that the results are as personal to us as they are to our client partners. G-Force owns the work and craftsmanship it turns over to our clients and our employees own their specific roles at our company. This ensures accountability and drives excellence.

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Our Leadership

The G-Force culture is driven by our core values of BE SAFE. BE POSITIVE. DO IT RIGHT. OWN IT! Every G-Force division consistently practices by these standards so that with every project, every day we are providing consistent results. We believe the only way to do business is to work with integrity, timeliness, and positivity. We live and work by our core values. We take pride in our team members, who are the driving force in maintaining this culture. We consistently work to achieve and maintain the highest level of employee satisfaction in the industry. Excellence is No Accident!

Jeff Pickrel

Jeff Pickrel

President & CEO

Brooks Goodson

Brooks Goodson


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